After the Snow

Snow can be a beautiful thing. When it snows, we are allowed the opportunity to see something amazing happen. Snow is like a blanket woven to cover the earth and all it’s imperfections. Get enough snow and the landscape becomes a serene moment in time.

Once the snowfall has stopped however, things can change rapidly. Trucks begin what seems to be a daunting task of clearing the roads. People have places to go, you know.

In the aftermath, there is sludge and dirt. What once was a magnificent artistic work becomes an unsightly mess. The beauty is overcome by the desire that it all just go away.

Life is like snow. Often we see surprisingly wonderful events turn into disarray. All the elegance can quickly fall apart, and we see only what is left behind.  At those moments, we just want it all to stop. We desire the snow-covered days, rather than the sludge. Often, the bad moments truly help create character. We gain strength and understanding. We learn who we can trust and believe. We can find faith and hope. Hope that there will be another snow, but that we do not fear the aftermath.


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