Add Value…I Dare You!

Add value to someone’s life today.

You never know the pain or hardship that the person next to you may be facing. It is always easy to be overwhelmed by our own struggles that we find little time or energy to encourage someone else along life’s journey.

You never will realize how something so simple as a smile or common courtesy can move people.

Jesus said it this way, “God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” (Matthew 5:7 NLT)

Today will be filled with moments to add value to someone else. I dare you to do it!

Living Life by the Likes

We live in a self-absorbed society. In a world of self-promotion, it’s as if we are in competition with every other person on the planet. We live out our lives online in order to seek fulfillment or sympathy. Rather than looking to create a meaningful life, we desire the instant gratification of a ‘like.’

There seems to be a constant desire for internet fame, or any fame if we can find it. We live out a fake persona of ourselves with a hope of being discovered and thrown into a grandeur life of meaning and acceptance.

Unfortunately, this type of thinking is flawed. We can spend a lifetime chasing a fruitless reality. We look to be validated by people we don’t even know or possibly never meet, all the while ignoring those closest to us.

Social media isn’t completely useless. It can have a purpose. However if our only relationships are online, we are heading down disastrous road of compulsive behavior.

Life is more than your phone. It is more than your computer. It’s more than a ‘like.’